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Physical Activity and your Menstrual Cycles

Do you notice some times in the month exercise is easy and even craved? Whilst other times in the month its hard work, just to get to the joggers on let a lone workout? Well you aren’t alone. As women we are cyclical beings with four distinct phases within our menstrual cycle.

The four seasons: 
·        Winter:  Days 1 – 6  Menstruation
·        Spring  Days 7 – 13  Pre-ovulation
·        Summer  Days 14 – 20  Ovulation
·        Autumn  Days 21 – 28  Pre-Menstural

Does my menstrualcycle affect my energy levels?

·        Winter –  energy levels at lowest
·        Spring – energy levels rising
·        Summer – energy levels peaking
·        Autumn – energy levels drop quickly from summer

Does my menstrual cycle affect my ability to exercise?

Exercise is safe and encouraged throughout all phases of themenstrual cycle. It varies immensely on your individual activity levels.However you may notice some of these patterns occur throughout your cycle: 
·        Winter – reduced intensity, more drawn to yoga, walking, meditation, Pilates particularly in the first few days of the cycle. Increased need for sleep and recovery. Increased fluid retention, body weight may increase.
·        Spring – interested in physical activity again, begin to build up intensity again (gradually).
·        Summer – increased desire to exercise, increased intensity/duration/load/stamina ·        Autumn – resistance to exercise creeping in but stay active as its beneficial to potentially reduce menstrual cramping. Suddenly harder to get out of bed.Increased appetite.

What if these patterns don’t occur during my cycle?

Our hormones and therefore body is very easily influenced by our surroundings, what we put in it and what we put on it. For example, oral contraceptive pill, stress, extreme exercise, toxic beauty products can all influence our menstrual cycle.  

Therefore we may experience different patterns to other women but also from month to month. It’s encouraged that you track your own cycle ‘menstrual cycle awareness’ by recording changes in your body and mind throughout different weeks and days. Over a few months you may start to notice some patterns occurring unique to you. It’s then incredibly powerful that we can somewhat ‘predict’ and work with/around these patterns.

I need more supportwith my physical activity and menstrual cycle relationship…

If you have any further questions about menstrual health andexercise please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 1300 869 169 or email

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