What does an exercise physiologist do and how can they help me?

We are allied health professionals who specialise in exercise prescription for people with chronic conditions or injuries. Common conditions include heart disease, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, COPD, diabetes, chronic pain, mental health and more.

Do you charge a gap for your services?

No, we bulk bill! You are completely covered by your referral.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Any necessary referral (Medicare/D904 or other) medical history, medication lists, a drink bottle, towel, loose comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes.

What can I expect during my appointments?

The first session will be an initial consultation where we will gather your full medical history and complete a physical assessment to help guide us to create an exercise program specifically for you which is then administered in the following sessions. You are reassessed at a later date to evaluate your progress and advance the program if necessary.

What is the difference between an physiotherapist and exercise physiologist?

Physiotherapists use a hands on approach and often diagnose injuries in the acute stages whereas an exercise physiologist treats people who already have a diagnosed condition and specialise in exercise prescription as a form of treatment for your conditions.