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Are you ex-service & wanting to increase your quality oflife? At Ex Phys Australia we are Exercise Physiologists that specialise in veteran care. As Exercise Physiologists we are part of an Allied Health team and specialise in exercise prescription for people with chronic conditions or injuries. We can assist with helping treat and prevent a variety of conditions that commonly affect veterans including:
- PTSD, Depression & Anxiety
- Low Back Pain
- Decreased/Broken Sleep
- High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
- Arthritis
- Obesity & Weight Loss Management
- Heart & Pulmonary Diseases
- Joint Pain§ Diabetes
- Pre & Post Surgery Rehab
- Tinnitus & Risk of Falls

What do we offer?

At Ex Phys Australia we offer both private appointments and also group appointments & tailor the exercises to what you can do. As mentioned above we use exercise to help a variety of medical conditions this can include:
·        Strengthening muscles/joints to improve areas of weakness causing the pain
·        Improving range of motion with stretching
·        Improving aerobic fitness to help improve health of heart

DVA health Cards (TPI, Gold & White) are accepted as payment upon a GP referral.

If you are a TPI card holder you get a D904 referral from your GP and this covers you for 12 months and you can attend 2-3 appointments per week as prescribed by your Exercise Physiologists.

If you are a white or gold card holder you get a D904 referral from your GP. This covers you for 12 appointments & again you can attend 1 to 3 appointments per week as prescribed by your Exercise Physiologists. After your 12 sessions you are able to go back to your GP and get a new referral for another 12 sessions. There is no limit on how many referrals you get in a year as long as its clinically required according to your Exercise Physiologist.

If you are a veteran without a DVA health card we also offer cost effective services so please get in contact with us. 

How to get Started?

1.      Call us on 1300 869 169 to help find a clinic near you!
2.      Get in contact with your Exercise Physiologist
3.      Go to your GP to get your referral

Frequently asked Questions

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?
Any necessary referral (Medicare/D904 or other) medical history, medication lists, a drink bottle, towel, loose comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes. 

What can I expect during my appointments?
The first session will be an initial consultation where we will gather your full medical history and complete a physical assessment to help guide us to create an exercise program specifically for you, which is then administered in the following sessions. You are reassessed at a later date to evaluate your progress and advance the program if necessary. 

What is the difference between a physiotherapist and exercise physiologist?
Physiotherapists are health professionals that are seen usually at the initial/acute stages of rehabilitation to assess and diagnose the injury/condition with a more hands on treatment approach. An Accredited Exercise Physiologist uses exercise intervention to assist with the treatment and management of the individuals health conditions and injury. This can either be:
·        Strengthening muscles/joints
·        Improving range of motion with stretching
·        Improving aerobic fitness to help improve health of heart

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Did you know as ex-service you may entilted to Exercise Physiology under DVA? Did you know exercise can help with many conditions from mental health to aches and pain? Contact us today to see how we can help!